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Crisis across dimensions!

The Exiles are a group of characters originally inspired by two Marvel Comics series, Exiles and New Exiles. The Exiles consists of characters from different dimensions, or realities, which have been removed from time and space in order to correct problems (often called “hiccups”) in various alternate worlds and divergent timelines in the Marvel Multiverse.

Here is the current team, and their players:

  1. Kobra Kompressor – Played by Aaron
  2. Storm – Played by peacekaat
  3. Dark Claw – Played by Chris W
  4. Rogue – Played by Nikki
  5. Spider-Ham – Played by B!
  6. Morph – Played by Jon
  7. Havoc – Played by Jenna
  8. H.E.R.B.I.E. – Played by IceSpark
  9. Mask – Played by Marsh
  10. Heather Hudson – Played last by Erica
  11. Karma – medbay, badly burned – injured list
  12. Sabretooth – special case – available by someone willing to help w/ plot

Besides the player characters, there are a large number of NPCs in the campaign, although I’m going to try to weed most of them out for next session. B)

Home Page

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