The Combined form of Cipher and Warlock


Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Remarkable (30)
Strength: Incredible (40)
Endurance: Amazing (50)
Reason: Incredible
Intuition: EX (20) +1 Init
Psyche: Good (10)

Health: 140
Karma: 70
Resources: Feeble
Popularity: 3

Movement: Normally 3 areas/turn


Empathy: Incredible

Linguistics: Incredible

Shapechanging: Douglock’s techno-organic body is a mutable form, allowing him the following power stunts:
 Enlongation: RM (30) Increase his size from 2 feet to 200 feet.
 Flight: Up to MN airspeed, depending on form.
 Reshape into functioning machines up to Monstrous level.
 Equip himself with up to Incredible (40) damage energy or force rays.
 Monstrous ability to assume organic appearance; Amazing ability mimicking specific humans.
 Create sensors (Monstrous ability)

Body Armor: RM (30). If he receives more than 40 damage from a single attack, Douglock loses control over his form, taking on a splattered look.

Conversion: Douglock can regain lost health by converting living, organic objects to a crystalline matrix. Douglock gains health equal to the targets health or material strength. He does this with Monstrous ability and the target can attempt an Endurance FEAT to avoid. Douglock must make flesh to flesh contact for this power to work.

Interstellar Travel: CL1000 ability to travel outer space. He is immune to the effects of vacuum.

Astronavigation, Computers, Linguistics, TV Trivia

Academy X, X-Men


IMAGE: Douglock looks a lot like Cipher, but formed completely out of glowing golden circuitry. Douglock’s mass continues to shape and reform – rather than turn his head, Douglock is just as likely to just form a new face on the side of his head.

Douglock the Team Supreme is the merged form of Doug Ramsey and the alien Warlock.

Warlock comes from a faraway planet where all life is techno-organic, and where each lifeform has many offspring; however, only the one offspring who manages to slay his “siredam” (parent) can survive. Unfortunately, Warlock’s siredam was Magus, a massively powerful being. Warlock fled to Earth to avoid being killed and possibly eaten by Magus, and thus met the Academy X members.

One Academy X member, Cipher, could communicate with him, and this exile from outer space became a member of AX, and an especially good friend of Cipher. Warlock became a bit more knowledgeable about his new planet, and less shy and cowardly; he never had his confrontation with Magus, however. He eventually graduated from Academy X, and became a current member of the X-Men.


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