White King

The White King of the Aniverse Hellfire Club


Real Name: Dr. Charles Francis Xavier
Known Aliases: Dr. X, Professor X

Fighting: Good
Agility: Feeble
Strength: Good 10
Endurance: Good
Reason: Remarkable
Intuition: Excellent (+1 Init)
Psyche: Monstrous

Health: 32
Karma: 125
Resources: Good
Popularity: 10

Movement: Walking, 1 a/t. With his chair, 2 a/t

Telepathy: Unearthly (Multi-target on Yellow, -1CS per additional target)
> Astral Projection: White King has +5CS in astral space.
 Mind Probe: Monstrous
 Project Thought: Monstrous
 Mental Command: Amazing
 Sleep – Induced: Amazing
 Mental Bolts: MN (75/500) dam and Psyche FEAT vs. Stun
 Power Control: Remarkable (30)
 Psionic Detection: Monstrous
 Psi-Screen: Monstrous

Psychic Brace: Xavier is a paraplegic, and is normally confined to a wheelchair, as a result of MN-lvl psionic scarring. With a YELLOW Psyche FEAT, Xavier can overcome this handicap and walk. The White Bishop provided a psychic brace that allows Xavier to walk with an UN Green FEAT. While standing or walking, however, Xavier is at a -1 to use his telepathy, due to the strain.

Paralyzed, confined to wheelchair depending on circumstances. +1 CS to hit w/ Ranged due to limited mobility.

Business/Finance, Resist Domination, Computers, Physics, Leadership

Contacts: CoMA, Hellfire Club – White Court, Muir Island, X-Corporation, X-Men


IMAGE: The White King is an impressive man in a white Victorian suit, with a thick beard and a wide-brimmed hat. He walks with a odd, slow gaze, and seems to have to concentrate with each step. He speaks with a deep, regal Shakespearean voice.


The White King is usually calm, controlled, and used to being in charge. However, in the current situation his son David is in danger, and that tends to make him a little more aggressive and less restrained.

White King

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