Black Knight

Scruffy Guard of the Black Castle


Age: 80 (looks ~40)

Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Good
Strength: Monstrous (75) (+1 Dam H2H)
Endurance: Amazing
Reason: Good
Intuition: Good (+0 Init)
Psyche: Amazing

Health: 165
Karma: 70
Resources: Good
Popularity: -10

Real Name: Rune Howe

Invulnerability: Cannot be killed by non-magical means. He may still be affected by Stuns and Slams.
Body Resistance: Incredible (40) protection from physical and energy attacks.

Leadership, Martial Arts C, Wrestling

Harvesters, Hellfire Club – Black Court, Sabretooth, Nasties


Rune Howe was born in southern Norway in 1929. Living in the wilderness, he discovered an immunity to cold and other physical threats, and eventually realized he couldn’t be killed. He became quite the roughhouse, and began fighting in exhibitionist bouts for money. At this point, he was contacted by the Black King, who offered him a chance to do something more with his power. He became one of the Black King’s first Harvesters, and now serves as Black Knight of the Hellfire Club, overseeing Sabretooth’s Harvesting duties personally.

Black Knight

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