The Mask

A human with a mask that has a portion of Loki's power.


Fighting) PR 3 / RM 26
Agility) TY 5 / IN 36
Strength) TY 5 / EX 16
Endurance) TY 5 / AM 46
Reason) EX 16 / EX 16
Intuition) GD 8 / EX 16 (+0/+1 Init Bns)
Psyche) TY 5 / AM 46

Health: 18/ 124
Karma: 58
Resources: RM 26 (In the Maskverse)/ N/A now
Pop: 0 / 0

REAL NAME: Christopher First
OCCUPATION: Adventurer, Stock Broker
PLACE OF BIRTH: Evansville, IN

Alter Ego: Chris/Mask
Body Resistance: RM 30 vs. all physical attacks, GD 10 vs. energy attacks, -5CS damage from blunt attacks
Internal Limbo: RM Air Speed
Healing: AM 50 (Heals 5 pts/rnd resting – 3 pts/rnd active)
Hyper-Speed: IN 40
Hyper-Running: RM 30
Whirlwind: RM 30
Reality Alteration: RM 30
Artifact Creation: EX 20
Matter Animation – Creations Only: EX 20
Mechanical Creation: EX 20
Power Simulation: EX 20
Weapons Creation: EX 20
Plasticity: MN. Should any of his body parts be separated, he is able to reconnect them.
Shape-Changing: PR. Mask can assume almost any humanoid shape he wants. However, he’s still green and toothy no matter what his form.

Weakness: Only able to turn into the Mask and/or use his powers at night.

Mask of Loki – gives him his power, but only at night.

Talents: Accounting, Business/Finance, Exercise, Swing Dancing

Contacts: Exiles (Dark Claw, Havoc, Kobra Kompressor, H.E.R.B.I.E., Karma, Morph, Rogue, Sabretooth, Spider-Ham, Storm, Heather Hudson) possibly Loki



He had a nice house in the locks n dams area (New Harmony) along the river, then his personal investment business took off and he moved to Indy. Recently got sucked out of his dimension during an encounter with the Fantastic Four.

Recruited by Heather Hudson into the Exiles, he was sent to Aniverse Earth, where he produced a jet engine and attacked Proteus. Unfortunately, Proteus put up a wall to stop him, and Mask splattered rather painfully and was buried in the sand.

The Mask

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