Kobra Kompressor

Human terrorist with a flair for technology and the dramatic


F EX 20 +1 H2H, +2 Sword
A Ex 20 +1 w/ Ranged
S Ty 6 (Rm 30 in Armor)
E Ex 20
R Rm 30 +1 Electronics
I Ex 20 +1 to Initiative
P Am 50 Leadership
Health: 66
Karma: 241
Res: Mn 75 (his world)/ 0
Pop: Am -50 (his world)/ 0
Real Name: Jesse Alan Swindler
Occupation: World-wide militia leader and terrorist, former used car salesman, former small business owner, former President of Cobra Island (while it was a real country)
Legal Status: American veteran with only a minor criminal record, legally dead
Marital Status: Divorced
Group Affiliation: Cobra, Exiles
Height: 6’
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown (sometimes appearing blue, due to false-color contact lenses)
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Kobra Kompressor has a short ponytail, a thick white beard, and wears a pair of round-rimmed prescription sunglasses when ‘out of uniform.’

Movement: 2 areas/turn



Blaster: A pistol firing Excellent (20) plasma bolts (2 area range). Taken from dead Ani-Man.

Combat Armor, Mk 5 (v16): Originally designed and built for him by the treasonous Crimson Guardsman Fred VII, and enhanced by Doctor Mindbender, this incredibly advanced and very expensive suit of combat armor has these capabilities:

 Armor: This suit is composed of beryllium steel plate components hidden beneath flexible bullet-proof polymer fabrics. These layers of protection provide Incredible (40) protection from Energy and Physical attacks.

 Super Strength: Kobra Kompressor’s combat armor greatly enhances the strength of its wearer. It boosts it to the point that he can use the armor to crush an engine block with his bare hands. This translates into a +3 CS boost in the wearer’s strength, with an upper limit of Incredible (40).

Combat Knife: Good (10) Edged Damage, EX (16) MatStr; sometimes laced with poison. Helmet (v1): This helmet is loaded up with all kinds of high tech goodies to assist him in the perpetration of nefarious deeds. It is basically a black metal helmet, with a mirrored, one-way visor that offers his head Incredible (40) protection against physical and energy (including sonic) attack. It has these built-in devices:

 Anti-Tampering Safeguards: In order to prevent anyone from unmasking him, or to otherwise avenge himself upon anyone who happens to kill him, Kobra Kompressor has armed his battle helmet with about a quarter pound of plastic explosives. Should they be activated, they will explode to inflict Incredible (40) Edged Attack damage to everybody within one area of his position. He can also administer an IN 40 Electrical Energy attack to anyone who touches his helmet while he’s wearing it.

 Internal Communications System: This allows Kobra Kompressor to have portable communications on the go. The works at Typical (6) rank, allowing it a 100 mile com range (assuming Kompressor doesn’t dial into a remote operator service), and is equipped with Incredible transmission encryption.

 Sealed Systems: Kompressor’s helmet is highly defended against airborne contaminants of any variety, filtering out poisons, airborne bacteria/viruses, and the like with Incredible ability. Furthermore, it has access to miniature air tanks, stored within Kompressor’s uniform, that allow him to subsist without air altogether for at least an hour at a time, maybe longer.

 Infrared: Good (10) intensity infrared scanners.

Laser Pistol (v1, v2, v8, v11): Kobra Kompressor utilizes a simple yet effective energy weapon, capable of inflicting Good (10) Armor Piercing Energy damage per blast. He can fire this gun about six times before either recharging it or replacing its existing power pack.

Shotgun (v6, v7): Sometimes, when he’s feeling particularly sadistic, Kobra Kompressor has taken it upon himself to carry about a shotgun while in the field. He can use this gun to inflict Excellent (20) Edged Attack damage to his opponents with every deadly blast.

Staff (v13): Adopted recently in his career, this item is more of a ceremonial device than anything else, but it works in a pinch. Made from a gold-plated metal of Amazing (50) material strength, Kobra Kompressor can use this over-stylized, over-sized snake staff to inflict his Strength rank +1 CS (IN 40 in Armor) in Blunt Attack damage with every strike, though he mostly just uses this weapon for theatrical effect. In a pinch, however, he can use the staff to administer Excellent (20) Armor Piercing Electrical Energy damage lethal blasts at range (A FEAT), or RM 30 blasts by touch (F FEAT).

Submachine Gun: While he has a veritable arsenal at his beck and call, Kobra Kompressor usually prefers to use a simple submachine gun when he needs to shoot someone – or something. This usually takes the form of a pistol, but if he’s on a specific mission, he’ll often use a rifle if necessary. Either way, he can use these guns to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage with a single shot, +1 CS in a semi-auto burst.

Sword: Good (10) Edged Damage, EX (16) MatStr.

Business / Finance: His original claim to fame, Kobra Kompressor knows money – and how! Of course, his particular business deals are what one could call shady in nature (pyramid schemes, etc…), but he’s the master of financial matters. He has countless contacts in the business world, and he makes all Reason FEAT rolls concerning financial maneuvers at a +1 CS.

Criminology: The flip side of his business dealings, this talent reflects the abject disrespect that Kobra Kompressor has demonstrated when making money – no matter who gets hurt in the meantime. Telemarketing scams, door to door salesmen, money laundering, and more – if it’s not on the up and up, Kobra Kompressor’s is a veritable master in making it happen.

Electronics: One of the many skills that he acquired in his descent into criminal despotism, this talent reflects Kobra Kompressor’s mastery of advanced hardware – either the design or repair of such, since his group needed a technological edge to overcome the forces before it. When building, repairing, or reverse engineering a device, Kobra Kompressor makes his Reason FEAT rolls at +1 CS.

Guns: One of Kobra Kompressor’s hobbies – well, virtually his only hobby, really – is target shooting with automatic pistols. He’s done this for years, both for personal enjoyment and to give himself something of an edge should he run into one of his innumerable opponents in the field. This talent grants him a +1 CS to any gun-based attack rolls he must make.

Leadership: More than anything else, Kobra Kompressor is an extremely savvy and charismatic man. He knows what makes people tick – especially the criminally minded. Kobra Kompressor can easily coordinate a large group of fighting thugs, no matter what their relative level of combat training is, and make them an effective force for evil.

Marksmanship: Wishing to be proficient in all the weapons that Cobra produces, as well as most of the other stuff out there, Kobra Kompressor has spent years after years figuring out how to effectively utilize any and all weapon systems out there. Essentially, Kobra Kompressor can use any weapon that requires an Agility FEAT to hit as though his own score were +1 CS in rank.

Martial Arts: another combat skill that Kompressor has picked up in his years in charge of Cobra is the essential ability to defend himself should he find himself unarmed – no matter how unlikely that turn of events may be. In unarmed melee, Kobra Kompressor can make Blunt attacks at his Fighting rank +1 CS (RM).

Military: Kobra Kompressor has never been trained in a proper, military fashion, but he has erected his own, quasi-military structure around him. This talent gives him a +1 CS in all military matters, whether he be trying to concoct some violent mission or coordinate one. Furthermore, it gives him all kinds of contacts from his own organization, Cobra, who are loyal to him and him alone – not Cobra.

Pilot / Air: Finally, in order to fully make use of the gear at his organization’s disposal, Kobra Kompressor has been trained in the use of his various kinds of aircraft, from helicopters to fighter jets to even Cobra’s experimental spacecraft. When flying any such vehicles, whether he’s in combat or not, Kobra Kompressor makes any Control FEAT rolls at a +1 CS.

Weapons Specialist: Sword (+2)

In the almost twenty years that he has headed the clandestine terrorist outfit known as Cobra, Kobra Kompressor has acquired countless contacts in criminal, political, and legal circles. Though the legions of Cobra are fanatically loyal to him – with a few exceptions in the higher echelons – Kobra Kompressor also has dozens of politicians under his thumbs, whether they be in charge of their respective nations or not.

However, all of these contacts were left in the world he came from. Right now, all he can rely on are the Exiles (Havoc, Dark Claw, H.E.R.B.I.E., Karma, Mask, Rogue, Sabretooth, Spider-Ham, Storm, Heather Hudson).


IMAGE: Kobra Kompressor is a tall man in paramilitary power armor. His face is hidden behind a mirrored mask, and through it his hissing voice sounds somewhat modulated, as if it’s being intentionally amplified and distorted to further conceal his identity. Over his shoulder he wears a short black red-lined cape, which looks somewhat singed on the edges. In battle he carries a large, snake-headed staff, and at his side is a sheathed rapier, as well as several firearms in combat webbing.

Kobra Kompressor is used to being in charge of any given situation, and being feared by the populous at large, if not by his primary enemies. As a member of the Exiles, he’s one of the weaker members of the team, a situation that burns him deeply, and forces him to focus more on using his keen wit to succeed rather than brute violence. In Machiavellian fashion, he seeks to undermine the authority of those more powerful than he on the team, so he can eliminate them and replace them with more pliable puppets. While he has some respect for Karma and her abilities, he loathes Havoc and Storm, and would bump them off at the earliest opportunity.

He views Morph as a clown beneath his contempt, and treats Rogue with a wary distance, due to her unpredictability (although he believes he will ultimately learn to control her). He is only working with this team long around to get back to his old universe where he reigns supreme (at least in his own mind). In the meantime, he’s biding his time, and working to increase his power in the group.

Last session he tried to teleport Spider-Ham down to Pharos Island, losing him in the progress. He also talked Juggernaut down during a fight, possibly making a new ally in the Aniverse. Unfortunately Kobra Kompressor was accidentally buried in the sand by a TK blast from Phoenix... whether the other Exiles stopped to dig him out before they left remains to be seen.

Kobra Kompressor

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