Nanny-Bot built by Reed Richards to protect his son Franklin



Fighting: Good 10 +1 w/ Sawblade
Agility: Incredible 40 +1 w/ Laser
Strength: Good 10
Endurance: Monstrous 75
Reason: Incredible 40 +1 w/ Tech
Intuition: Amazing 50 +4 to Initiative
Psyche: Good 10

Health: 135
Karma: 201
Resources: Shift 0
Popularity: 6

Real Name: Humanoid Experimental Robot B-Type Integrated Electronics
Affiliation: Exiles, Fantastic Four (former)
Relatives: Reed Richards (“Father”), Franklin Richards (“Little Brother”)

Robot Body: Eight retractable tentacles, sensory and defensive systems
Communicate w/ Cybernetics: Monstrous control over electronics. -1 CS wireless.
Plasma Generation: Monstrous v. Non-Living, RM 30 to living, + IN light and electric
+ Electrical Generation: IN range, 40 points of Energy Damage.
Levitation: Feeble (hover, 3 areas/round). Lifts 50 lbs.
Rocket: Typical (90 MPH, 6 areas/round atom, 75 a/r vacuum). Lifts 200 lbs.

Built-In Equipment:
Communications System: Amazing range, Amazing FEAT to break into secure communications
Personnel File: Amazing collection of information about HERBIEverse heroes and villains
Laser Cannon – Remarkable range. 10 points Energy Damage (low) or 20 points Shooting Damage (high)
Saw Blade: Edged Attack, 15 points of Edged Damage

Talents: Communications Systems, Computers/Electronics, Edged Weapons, First Aid, Occult Lore, Laser Weapons, Performer, Physics, Repair/Tinkering, Trivia

Contacts: Exiles (Dark Claw, Havoc, Kobra Kompressor, Morph, Karma, Mask, Rogue, Sabretooth, Spider-Ham, Storm, Heather Hudson); Aniverse Elemental Four; HERBIEverse Fantastic Four



Created as a playmate and nanny for Franklin Richards, HERBIE performed his duties well until sucked out of his universe in an accident with a dimensional portal. Rescued and recruited by the Exiles, HERBIE does his best to help in the hopes he can return home and, with luck, rescue Franklin from the same fate as he.


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