Parapalegic mutant techno-wizard


Fighting: Poor (4)
Agility: Typical (6)
Strength: Typical (6)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Excellent (20)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Good (10)

Health: 36
Karma: 40
Resources: Poor
Popularity: 0

Real Name: Takeshi Matsuya
Age: 11
Alias: Whiz Kid

Transmutation: Takeshi possesses the mutant ability to transmute manufactured materials (metal, plastic, glass, and rubber, etc.) into any shape or form that he can conceive, with REMARKABLE ability. Anything that Takeshi creates has Remarkable statistics: a gun would do Remarkable 30 Force or Energy damage, a helicopter would have Remarkable Air Speed. Take cannot create objects out of thin air: he must have something to work with. Normally he uses his own wheelchair for transmutations, but he can alter other objects. The only limitation his transformations have is that energy must be supplied. The battery in his wheelchair only has enough power to provide the equivalent of Typical lifting strength. Other objects will have Strength equal to their own weight. Take can create generators that refocus energy from other sources, such as Nathan’s optic blasts. If he can imagine the object in detail, he can increase its abilities to Incredible. For instance, if he knew how to design a computer, he could create one with Incredible abilities. This will normally necessitate a Yellow or Red Reason FEAT roll, although simple objects may require either a Green FEAT roll or no roll whatsoever based on the simplicity of the object in question. Normally he touches things he wants to transmute, but with a Green Psyche FEAT he can change things up to two areas away, 4 with a Yellow, and 8 with a Red Psyche FEAT.

Wheelchair: Takeshi normally moves around in a wheelchair that has Typical ground speed, Good material strength, and Poor control. However, since he was kidnapped from an amusement ride he doesn’t have his wheelchair with him.

Dyslexia: Takeshi suffers from dyslexia, which requires him to make a Yellow or Red Typical FEAT roll to read, and a Feeble Yellow or Red roll to write.
Myopia: Takeshi is near-sighted, and needed corrective lenses to see well. He usually wears contacts.
Paraplegia: Takeshi lost his family in a car accident early in his life, and in the same instant, lost the ability to walk.

Talents: Computers, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Repair/Tinkering skills, Physics.

Contacts: Academy X (Artie, Avi, Clarice, Dorian, Nathan), X-Men


TAKESHI means “brave” in Japanese.

IMAGE: Take is an eleven-year-old Japanese-American kid with spiky black hair, usually dressed in an anime ‘Giant Robo’ T-shirt and jeans. He is normally confined to a wheelchair, which is decorated with hundreds of stickers.

Take is a withdrawn child, and has only recently started opening up, with the help of Clarice, Dorian and Nathan. He still resents the other kids their more carefree lifestyles, and sulks when Artie spends weekends with his dad. He’s bonded with fellow orphan Dorian, and oft-times the two of them seem almost inseparable. Take loves his mutant powers, and shows off a lot to try to win the attention of Clarice.


Matsuya lost his family in a car accident early in his life, at age four, and in the same accident, lost the ability to walk. He was enrolled in Saint Simons Academy, where he became introverted and resentful. A lonely child, he began inventing small toys and machinery to amuse himself – and, at age eight, he first manifested his mutant powers. Causing a bit of chaos at first, Take attracted attention of the school administration, who contacted Professor Xavier. Bishop arranged for Matsuya to be transferred to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, where he immediately felt alienated and alone, being the only kid there besides Nathan. However, the next year, when Artie, Dorian, and Clarice joined the Academy, Take began to open up a little, and has gotten pretty close to Dorian, and has developed a bit of a crush on Clarice, who unfortunately seems to have eyes only for Cipher.

Last session, Take was rescued from the Harvesters by the Exiles and the X-Men, and has since recovered his wheelchair and returned to the X-Mansion.


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