Mutant prodigy


Fighting: Typical (5)
Agility: Excellent (20)
Strength: Typical (5)
Endurance: Remarkable (30)
Reason: Remarkable (30)
Intuition: Incredible (40) +3 init
Psyche: Amazing (50)

Health: 60
Karma: 120
Resources: Excellent
Popularity: 0

Real Name: Nathan Christopher Summers
Age: 9
Codename: Mind’s Eye

Optic Blast: Incredible (40) force damage up to 3 areas. Each area beyond that is decreased by 1 rank
Telekinesis: Remarkable (30). Nathan is still developing his telekinetic abilities.
At present he has mastered the following:
Force Field v. Physical: RM (30)
Force Blast: Remarkable (30)
Natural Body Armor: Excellent (20). Nathan has recently been infected with Warlock’s techno-organic virus. This provides him with several new abilities, none of which he has yet to master.


IMAGE: Nathan is a cute nine-year-old tow-headed kid in a slightly rumpled black tuxedo. He has a recent cut on his face that is just starting to scab over, and in shadow at certain angles his eyes seem to glow slightly with an internal red light.

Nathan’s parents are two of the original X-Men, and even though he is only nine, Nathan’s already starting to exhibit phenomenal mutant powers. He loves being co-leader of Academy X, and looks forward to leading the X-Men someday. He is brave and a little bullheaded, always charging into adventure.


Nathan Christopher Summers was born to Madelyne and Scott Summers nine years ago, and was obviously a gifted prodigy at a young age. Growing up at the X-Mansion, he’s had a lot of help developing his powers, and he gets along will with the other members of Academy X, especially Clarice and Dorian. With the love and support of his parents, and way-cool telekinetic powers, Nathan is a very happy little kid. However, he’s recently been accidentally infected with the transmode virus by Cypher, and on top of that was kidnapped by Proteus. Freed by the Exiles and the X-Man, Nathan is ready to defend his friends against any threat.


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