Shy mutant power-blocker


Fighting: Poor (4)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Poor (4)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Typical
Intuition: Typical
Psyche: Poor (4)

Health: 38
Karma: 16
Resources: Feeble
Popularity: 0

Real Name: James Dorian Leech
Alias: Leech, Obstructer
Age: 10

Movement: 2 areas/turn

Power Blocking: Dorian can prevent the use of all natural super powers within 1 area of his location at CL1000 ability. Dampened powers are returned to normal once the character is more than 2 areas away from Dorian. This power has no effect on technological powers, talents or natural skills. Dorian can withdraw his field to touch-only with a successful Red Psyche FEAT. Dorian only affects access to powers – powers activated outside his dampening field can still affect those within his area.

Talents: Student

Contacts: Morlocks, X-Men, Academy X (Nathan, Clarice, Artie, Avi, Take)


IMAGE: Dorian is a small, shy ten-year-old, with bright green skin, no nose, and large eyes lacking both irises and pupils.

Dorian is very happy to be a student at the X-Mansion, and is just thrilled to be a member of Academy X. He has become fast friends with mutant paraplegic Take, and he’s found his life at the X-Mansion to be so vastly superior to the Morlock tunnels that he hopes never to leave. Dorian is a very emotional kid, and currently maintains active crushes on both Avi and Take. He speaks in an odd pidgin English, although he’s improving every day. He feels guilty for restricting the powers of his fellow mutants, and has silently vowed to learn to better control his powers.

Dorian was abandoned by his human parents and discovered by the mutant known as Caliban. Caliban took the young Dorian with him into the network of tunnels known as the “Alley,” running beneath Manhattan, which housed the mutant outcasts called Morlocks. There he lived a lonely, unhappy existence until the empathetic Annalee adopted him after her own children were shot dead by the Harvester assassin called Scalphunter. When Annalee herself was killed by Marrow, Dorian was rescued by the X-Factor, and became a student at Academy X.

Last sesson, Dorian was rescued from the Harvesters by the Exiles and the X-Men, and has since returned to the X-Mansion.


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