Mutant teleporter


Fighting: Good (10) (+1 H2H)
Agility: Excellent (20) (+1 H2H)
Strength: Typical (5)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Typical (5)
Intuition: Good (10) (+1 Init H2H)
Psyche: Excellent (20)

Health: 55
Karma: 35
Resources: Typical
Popularity: 0

Alias: Blink

Movement: 2 areas/round

Teleport – Self: Clarice can teleport herself at Amazing ability.
Teleport – Others: Clarice can teleport others at Amazing ability.

Talents: Leadership, Martial Arts: A, B, E, Tumbling, Acrobatics
Contacts: Academy X (Nathan, Artie, Avi, Dorian, Take), X-Men


Name: Clarice Bonnie Ferguson
Age: 13
Group: Academy X
Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland


Clarice Ferguson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, with colorless irises, pointed ears, violet skin, and odd facial birthmarks. Nonetheless, she led a fairly normal life until age 10, when a sudden start caused her to teleport 30 feet upward, winding her up on the roof of her school. Her principal, already suspecting her mutant nature based on her odd appearance, called Xavier’s school, and soon she was transferred. She’s taken to the training pretty well, although right now she’s scared to teleport a living person in case something negative happens. Nonetheless, she’s become the de facto co-leader of Academy X, as the oldest and most mature member of the group (although Nathan has her about equaled with seniority and strength of personality). She has a bit of a crush on the X-Man Cipher, although he’s yet to have noticed.

Last session Clarice and the rest of the Academy X kids were rescued by the Exiles and the X-Men, and is now safely back at the X-Mansion.

IMAGE: Clarice Ferguson is a pretty thirteen-year-old girl with colorless irises, pointed ears, violet skin, and odd triangular facial birthmarks. She looks alarmed at the current situation, but prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect her fellow students. Morph would immediately recognize her as a younger version of former Exiles founder Blink.


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