Demihuman mutant student at Academy X


Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Typical
Strength: Excellent (20)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Typical
Intuition: Typical (GD sense of smell)
Psyche: GD (10)

Health: 66
Karma: 22
Resources: Feeble
Popularity: -5

Real name: Avi Farad
Age: 11
Alias: Scaleface

Movement: 2 areas/turn

Bite/Claws: Avi’s bite and claws do Typical (6) edged damage.
Natural Body Armor: EX (20) – Avi can absorb up to 20 pts of Physical (Blunt) damage due to her scaly hide
Hyper-Running: Avi can speed through alleys, sewers and other enclosed spaces at the rate of 4 areas per round.
Enhanced Senses: Avi has an enhanced sense of smell. She can detect characters up to two areas away. This also provides Avi with GD Tracking abilities. Smells with her tongue.
Infravision: Avi can see in the dark with GD ability

Light-Sensitivity – Can be blinded by bright lights, and is -1CS in bright sunshine.

Talents: Excavation (Excellent), Tracking, Urban Foraging

Contacts: Academy X (Nathan, Clarice, Artie, Dorian, Take), Morlocks, X-Men


IMAGE: Avi is an eleven-year-old lizard girl, and only bearly looks human. Nonetheless, she was wearing a pretty dress this afternoon, although now it is dirty and torn. It’s hard to read her expressions precisely, but she looks pissed and ready to tear out the throat of the next person who threatens her or her friends.

Avi primarily used her power to assist the Tunnelers’ task of increasing the Morlock domain. Since joining Academy X, she’s coming out of her shell a bit, and is really starting to enjoy being out in the open, although she still is a bit sensitive to light. She has a bit of a crush on Take. She isn’t very verbal, and is still getting used to spoken language, which she speaks with a hissing lisp.


Avi spent most of her life in the Morlock tunnels. She was born with her mutant demi-human form, and abandoned at an early age. She grew up in the Alley, and became a successful Tunneler. She escaped the Morlock tunnels during the Mutant Massacre, and was found by the X-Men and taken back to Xavier’s mansion. She has since joined Academy X, and has spent the last year learning how to be human.

Last session Avi and the rest of the Academy X kids were rescued by the Exiles and the X-Men, and is now safely back at the X-Mansion.


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