Real Name: Japhet Adrian Smith
Age: 29

Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Good
Strength: Good 10/Remarkable 30
Endurance: Excellent/Incredible 40
Reason: Typical
Intuition: Good (+0 Init)
Psyche: Good (10)

Health: 60/100
Karma: 26
Resources: Poor
Popularity: 0


Maggot emits 2 protoplasmic slugs (Eany & Meany), part of his digestive system. He cannot eat or drink and must let the slugs eat for him. When they eat Maggot gains energy, which gives him the enhanced stats and body armor and turns him blue. This energy remains for 2 rounds for each material strength rank the slugs have absorbed. He controls these slugs by focusing part of his mind into them, but they can also react autonomically. When he has been without food for more than 8 hours his control lessens by 1 rank every hour and the slugs will want to go look for food themselves. He controls them with Amazing ability. The slugs are made of Monstrous material, and regenerate when Maggot absorbs them inside his body. They possess IN groundspeed and can eat through up to Monstrous material with 1 round (they can eat a car within 2). Upon living beings they inflict IN (40) edged damage attacking with Amazing ability.

Regeneration: Damage is taken from extra health first, which is healed when the slugs eat.

Aura Reading: Maggot can sense the history of locations and items with Amazing ability. He gets a +1CS if his slugs are deployed.

Body Armor: Excellent (20) v. Physical and Energy (when slugs eat)

Limited Resistance: When controlling his slugs his mind is split into multiple fractions that act as a Excellent psi-screen.

Tracking: Amazing

Body Armor: Excellent 20 protection from physical and energy damage. (Not wearing it the day he was kidnapped by Proteus)

Talents: Tracking

Contacts: X-Men


IMAGE: Maggot is a white South African in a torn tuxedo. His suit looks like something recently burst out of his chest, but otherwise Maggot himself looks fine and happy. He has a foot-high blonde Mohawk, and seems to be faintly glowing blue with increasing power.


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