Earlier today, X-Men Cipher was sparring with the new batch of Academy X kids, when Nathan, the son of X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix, was accidentally cut on his face. Cipher treated the wound, but apparently inadvertently infected Nathan with Warlock’s techno-organic virus. Later that day, at an anniversary party for Cyclops and Phoenix, Nathan and the other Academy X students were kidnapped by a super-villain group called the Harvesters.

The X-Men, aided by the extra-dimensional adventuring group the Exiles, tracked down the Harvesters and rescued the Academy X kids. However, mid-fight the Exiles disappeared, leaving the X-Men to finish their battle with the Harvesters and figure out what to do about Nathan. The Black King of the Hellfire Club has offered his medical services, but he was strongly rebuffed by the White King, Charles Xavier.



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