As a reminder to people who haven’t played in a while, and as a primer for those of you new to the Exiles game, here’s a quick Story So Far:

In the Exiles comic, the team faced a near-unstoppable foe called Proteus) . He took control of Exiles member Morph) , and in the end the only way to stop his rampage was basically to slap a collar on him and convince him he really way Morph – putting the team in the odd position of having a super-powered serial killer on their team walking around in their teammate’s body believing he’s Morph (it can be a dark comic).

This is where the campaign splits from the comic. In the campaign, the other Exiles tried to separate Morph from Proteus, and Proteus got free again, possessing Sabretooth and flinging the rest of the team into the time-stream, losing or killing them. The only original team-members to survive were Morph himself and Heather Hudson , team doctor/techie.

Morph and Heather Hudson recruited a new team of Exiles (the current RP characters), and followed Proteus to an alternate Earth, where Proteus’s presence had interfered with the timeline and caused Cyclops and Phoenix’s kid, Nathan Summers to be infected by the transmode virus by Cipher, another member of the X-Men. The Exiles recovered Proteus/Sabretooth, but left the X-Men to deal with the consequences of Proteus’s presence, which doesn’t sit well with some members of the team.

Next session will begin with the Exiles recovering on their base, the Panoptichron. They will have to decide whether or not to go back and try to help the X-Men, what to do with Proteus/Sabretooth, and ultimately what to do with their twelve-member team now that the initial threat of Proteus has been stopped.



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