Exiles Recap
Last Session…

Last session started with the Exiles back on the Panoptichron. Proteus had been captured and held in stasis, but according to Heather Hudson the damage to the Aniverse had not been fixed. Even though no obvious threat presented itself to the X-Men, who were finishing their fight with the Harvesters, Hudson maintained that there was still a strong chance that Nathan Summers would fall into the Black King’s hands.

The team discussed going back down to protect Nathan until they figured out what they needed to do to fix the Aniverse. Spider-Ham also lamented the damage done to Caliban in the fight, and Kobra Kompressor, impatient with him, briefly took Panopticron control from Hudson and tried to beam Spider-Ham back down to Pharos Island to shut him up. Hudson, frustrated with Kompressor, beamed the entire team back down to Pharos.

Once on Pharos, the team spread out, some moving to defend Nathan, others fanning out to look for trouble. The fight with the Harvesters seemed to be nearly over, and there was no indication of what danger Hudson had predicted. Cyclops and Phoenix had trapped Juggernaut in a hole Cyclops had blasted into the sand, and Kobra Kompressor jumped down into the hole to help (and to avoid Dark Claw, who seemed ready to revenge what Kompressor had done to Spider-Ham, who was now missing.)

Dark Claw and Storm noticed a shimmer off the coast of Pharos, and without further warning the Black King and his Court appeared in a trans-dimensional airship. The Court (minus Destiny, who stayed behind on the ship) immediately debarked, targeting the Academy X kids. Havoc realized the choker around the Black Queen’s neck was identical to the one worn by Malice, an evil entity that once possessed her boyfriend Lorne.

The Black Queen tried to possess Clarice, but she was warned by the Exiles and resisted the attempt. The Exiles and the X-Men attacked the Black Court, trying to protect Nathan from being kidnapped. Dark Claw got into a fight with the Black Rook, tearing off his face and revealing him to be the blue shape-shifter known in other realities as Mystique. Kobra Kompressor wound up talking down the Juggernaut, effectively taking him out of the fight.

Havoc attacked the Black King, blasting him with plasma before he responded with a TK blast that drove her back into the sand of the island. Morph was able to grab Nathan and bring him up to the Panoptichron, where Hudson put him in the gallery to keep him safe until they work out a cute for his virus. HERBIE brought Havoc up to the Panoptichron for medical attention, and became the new keeper of the Tallus.

Storm blasted the Black King’s airship with lightning, damaging it badly. Morph returned from the Panoptichron and took out Destiny, although he did wind up rescuing her from drowning after he punched her off the Black King’s damaged airship. Rogue tried to protect the Academy X kids from the Black Court, but wound up possessed by the Black Queen herself.

After the White King mentally blasted the Black King unconscious, The Black Queen, in Rogue’s body, grabbed him and tried to escape. The Queen’s Pawn Selene tried to levitate the Black Court off the island and escape, including the Black Queen in Rogue’s body. Storm slowed them down with blasts of lightning while the White King drove the Black Queen from Rogue’s mind.

Denied a body, the Black Queen jumped into the Black King’s unconscious body, intending to use his power to destroy the Exiles and the X-Men. However, she’d miscalculated, and by touching the Black King while in Rogue’s body, she’d transferred his memories and powers to Rogue’s body, from which she’d just ejected. Instead, she’d just made the Exiles even more powerful than before.

Realizing that defeat was imminent, Selene pulled the information she needed from Rogue’s mind to take over the Black King’s ship, and with it escaped with the Black Court, leaving the Harvesters behind, including Maggot, who’d revealed himself to be an undercover agent for the Black King, only to be abandoned by his minions once the fight went sour.

Last Sesson

Earlier today, X-Men Cipher was sparring with the new batch of Academy X kids, when Nathan, the son of X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix, was accidentally cut on his face. Cipher treated the wound, but apparently inadvertently infected Nathan with Warlock’s techno-organic virus. Later that day, at an anniversary party for Cyclops and Phoenix, Nathan and the other Academy X students were kidnapped by a super-villain group called the Harvesters.

The X-Men, aided by the extra-dimensional adventuring group the Exiles, tracked down the Harvesters and rescued the Academy X kids. However, mid-fight the Exiles disappeared, leaving the X-Men to finish their battle with the Harvesters and figure out what to do about Nathan. The Black King of the Hellfire Club has offered his medical services, but he was strongly rebuffed by the White King, Charles Xavier.

Last Session
The Story So Far...

As a reminder to people who haven’t played in a while, and as a primer for those of you new to the Exiles game, here’s a quick Story So Far:

In the Exiles comic, the team faced a near-unstoppable foe called Proteus) . He took control of Exiles member Morph) , and in the end the only way to stop his rampage was basically to slap a collar on him and convince him he really way Morph – putting the team in the odd position of having a super-powered serial killer on their team walking around in their teammate’s body believing he’s Morph (it can be a dark comic).

This is where the campaign splits from the comic. In the campaign, the other Exiles tried to separate Morph from Proteus, and Proteus got free again, possessing Sabretooth and flinging the rest of the team into the time-stream, losing or killing them. The only original team-members to survive were Morph himself and Heather Hudson , team doctor/techie.

Morph and Heather Hudson recruited a new team of Exiles (the current RP characters), and followed Proteus to an alternate Earth, where Proteus’s presence had interfered with the timeline and caused Cyclops and Phoenix’s kid, Nathan Summers to be infected by the transmode virus by Cipher, another member of the X-Men. The Exiles recovered Proteus/Sabretooth, but left the X-Men to deal with the consequences of Proteus’s presence, which doesn’t sit well with some members of the team.

Next session will begin with the Exiles recovering on their base, the Panoptichron. They will have to decide whether or not to go back and try to help the X-Men, what to do with Proteus/Sabretooth, and ultimately what to do with their twelve-member team now that the initial threat of Proteus has been stopped.


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